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Postal Deliveries

Easily return your recording to us each week by post in the pre paid envelope provided

Areas Covered

We cover an area that encompasses Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Lympstone, Littleham, Exton, Topsham, Otterton, Yettington, Woodbury, Colaton Raleigh and Woodbury Salterton.

Local Information

Enjoy listening to local news from the Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton Journals, and the Exeter Express & Echo

Weekly Newspapers

Entertaining weekly digital recordings and quarterly magazines delivered directly to your door by post on a memory stick

Registered charity number: 283438 (England and Wales)

About Exmouth & District Talking Newspaper

Some information about us
Readings from the Exmouth and Budleigh Journals and Express & Echo

About our charity:
Exmouth & District Talking Newspaper is a charity based in Devon, UK. We produce weekly recordings and quarterly magazines of local news which are sent to blind and partially sighted listeners in the East Devon area. The articles are read from local newspapers and distributed by post on USB memory sticks. If you would like to help with volunteering, fundraising or give a donation to Exmouth Talking Newspaper, use the contact form below or ring our Secretary Gill Laws on (01395) 266968.

People at Exmouth & District Talking Newspaper:
Bob Donald - Chairman
Gill Laws - Secretary
Ian Lacey - Treasurer
Salena Hutton - Admin Officer
John Hargraves - Deputy Chairman
Judith Stradling - Data Protection Officer

  • About 60 volunteers work in teams to edit , record, read, copy and distribute the talking newspaper. Some have administration duties during the week. Usually help once every 6 weeks.

  • Every week of the year local news and information is sent to our listeners. Recording is either done on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Around 60 minutes of articles are recorded for each publication.

  • On average the Exmouth Talking Newspaper costs about £100 a week to run. All money raised or donated goes directly into the service we offer.


The roles within a team


Collects free copies of the Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton Journals. Selects, cuts out and edits the articles. Once they have collated the articles they then pass the folder to the Chairman.


Reads through the material for relevance. Contacts the team to check availability, introduces and signs off the recording work, and works closely with the producer on the running order and quality issues.


Make the readings interesting, lively and above all, clear and intelligible for the listener.


In charge of the technical side of the recording, using a mixer and computer. Responsible for quality control – we aim to send out good, clear recordings that people want to listen to!


Uses a high speed USB copier to record from the producer’s master. Checks samples regularly for quality.


Works with the copier, putting USB sticks into prepared wallets. Takes the sack down the road to the Post Office.


A different rota of registrars check wallets in and prepares them for sending out again. Usually work in pairs on a Thursday afternoon. Maintain distribution records.


A very important member of our Talking Newspaper. Introduces new listeners to our equipment and system. Always available (within reason) to help out with any problems.

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